On the Spatio-Temporal Dependence of Anomalies in the Atmospheric Electric Field Just around the Time of Earthquakes

Yasuhide Hobara, Mako Watanabe, Risa Miyajima, Hiroshi Kikuchi, Takuo Tsuda, Masashi Hayakawa
2022 Atmosphere  
In this study, we report atmospheric electric field (AEF) anomalies observed around the time of earthquakes (EQs) in Japan. Using a newly developed AEF observation network with three spatially separated stations in Japan (Chofu, Kakioka, and Iwaki), we conducted a study for two EQs that occurred within a few 100 km from the EQ epicenter under relatively good local weather conditions as shown by a local all-sky camera and weather information. Time series and wavelet analyses of the AEF indicate
more » ... hat fluctuation anomalies in the AEF with periods of 10–60 min and larger than 70 min were observed from a few hours before up to a few hours after the occurrence of the EQs. The lag in the onset time increased with increasing distance from the EQ epicenter to the field site. The above-mentioned characteristics of these AEF fluctuation anomalies were similar among the three stations, and therefore the observed AEF anomalies were considered to be an imminent precursor of EQs. The observed AEF anomalies were likely to be caused by internal gravity waves (IGWs) generated around the EQ epicenter a few hours before the EQ, passing over the field site while changing the AEF by changing the space charge density in the surface layer of the atmosphere.
doi:10.3390/atmos13101619 fatcat:det6r2ex3zcy7l5wuooda5mxgu