Design and characterisation of single-layer solenoid air-core inductors

Dalvir K. Saini, Agasthya Ayachit, Marian K. Kazimierczuk
2018 IET Circuits, Devices & Systems  
This study presents the design and experimental characterisation of single-layer solenoid air-core inductors. The analytical expressions for the winding inductance, self-capacitance, and winding resistance are derived. The inductor properties are analysed up to the first self-resonant frequency. The procedure to design air-core inductors for high-frequency (HF) applications is provided. Experimental validations of the analytical equations are given. A single-layer air-core 20 μH inductor was
more » ... igned, built, and measured. The bandwidth of the designed inductor obtained from theoretical predictions was about 100 MHz. The measured quality factor was 181 at 1 MHz. The results of this study are useful for engineers and designers in the areas of power supplies, datacentres, radio-frequency power amplifiers, radio-frequency transmitters, and HF filters.
doi:10.1049/iet-cds.2018.5082 fatcat:izwfv6jcwneyjbpulcpehck2na