Editorials and Medical Intelligence

1847 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
the protoxide of azote (exhilarating gas) which he employs to prevent pain. M. Orfila does not believe that this gas can be useil with impunity, instead of the vapor of ether; he believes himself warranted in concluding, in fine, from the numerous experiments made by Vanquelin,by Davy and by himself, that this is a dangerous gas. It otherwise appears that there has formerly been some question on this point. M. Geradin remembers thai fifteen or eighteen years ago, a letter was addressed to the
more » ... addressed to the Académie by an English physician who pretended, by means of tho nitrous oxide gas, to render patients insensible to pain. Larrey alone did not repel tins communication with incredulity ; he promised to make some experiments, which, doubtless, did not succeed, for the subject was not again agitated. beloved Professor, J. Revere, M.D., who has fallen in the midst of his usefulness, and left a void in the faculty of our Alma Mater, which can never be filled to a more perfect measure, Therefore, Resolved, That in token of our admiration of his talents, esteem for his virtues, and regret at his loss, we wear the usual badge of mourning for the space of thirty days.
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