Альона Миколаївна Ковальчук
2020 Bulletin of the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design Series Economic sciences  
It is argued that sustainable enterprise development implies a high degree of security assurance. Conventionally, economic security management is a core subsystem in the overall enterprise management framework. However, in a dynamic environment, such a system needs to be improved and updated to meet the current realia. Thus, the relevance to shape the determinants of enterprise economic security management arises from the awareness that the system needs to be improved. From this perspective,
more » ... his perspective, motivational management can become a driver in ensuring economic security. The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive research on the key determinants that affect motivational management issues of enterprise economic security in the context of sustainable development. The research has employed the following scientific methods: analysis and generalization of theoretical approaches to interpreting the content of 'enterprise economic security' and 'economic security management' concepts; a graphical method to present the economic phenomena development factors as well as grouping and identifying the key determinants of motivational management in ensuring enterprise economic security. The study discusses the basic approaches to understanding the nature of enterprise economic security and building the economic security management framework. The findings reveal the principles, rationale and factors behind the paradigm of enterprise economic security motivational management along with presenting the fundamental determinants of business development in the context of motivational management of enterprise economic security. The in-depth analysis of the internal and external environment, underlying causes and factors as determinants of motivational management of economic security bears evidence of their interrelationship. As implications for further research, implementation of selected determinants will contribute to providing insights into basic enterprise economic security management processes.
doi:10.30857/2413-0117.2020.3.8 fatcat:tdwftht2gzffnkda3qltiqf4wm