Effects of Variable Fluid Properties on Double Diffusive Mixed Convection with Chemical Reaction Over an Accelerating Surface

2021 Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry  
In this study, we investigate the effect of variable fluid properties such as variable viscosity, porosity, permeability, thermal conductivity, and solutal diffusivity on double-diffusive mixed convective flow over an accelerating surface under the influence of a higher-order chemical reaction. The governing equations of the physical problem involve a coupled nonlinear partial differential equations and which are transformed into a coupled nonlinear ordinary differential equations using a
more » ... le similarity transformation. Numerical computation using shooting technique is adopted to study the physical characteristics of velocity, temperature and concentration for various values of non-dimensional parameters like Prandtl number, Eckert number, buoyancy parameters, viscosity parameter, porous parameter, a ratio of thermal conductivities, a ratio of solutal diffusivities and chemical reaction parameter etc are involved in the problem. The computed numerical results are presented in the graphs to illustrate the details of the flow characteristics and their dependence on physical parameters. Our computed results are compared with earlier works of Seddeek in the absence of a magnetic field and found in good agreement.
doi:10.33263/briac124.51615173 fatcat:wesimxaimfggjluzw3j52mt3tm