Cooperative Optimization of Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy Resources in a Regional Multi-Microgrid System

Chen, Chen, Duan
2019 Applied Sciences  
By integrating renewable energy sources (RESs) with electric vehicles (EVs) in microgrids,we are able to reduce carbon emissions as well as alleviate the dependence on fossil fuels. In orderto improve the economy of an integrated system and fully exploit the potentiality of EVs' mobileenergy storage while achieving a reasonable configuration of RESs, a cooperative optimizationmethod is proposed to cooperatively optimize the economic dispatching and capacity allocation ofboth RESs and EVs in the
more » ... RESs and EVs in the context of a regional multi-microgrid system. An across-time-and-spaceenergy transmission (ATSET) of the EVs was considered, and the impact of ATSET of EVs oneconomic dispatching and capacity allocation of multi-microgrid system was analyzed. In order toovercome the difficulty of finding the global optimum of the non-smooth total cost function, animproved particle swarm optimization (IPSO) algorithm was used to solve the cooperativeoptimization problem. Case studies were performed, and the simulation results show that theproposed cooperative optimization method can significantly decrease the total cost of a multimicrogridsystem.
doi:10.3390/app9112267 fatcat:tg3e3ioeifbuhjvn6iowp3rb2q