Comparison of the efficacy, safety, acceptability and fetomaternal outcomes of combination of mifepristone and foley's catheter with foley's catheter alone in induction of labour in term pregnancies with previous lower segment caesarean section

Nancy Thind, Pranav Sood, Rajeev Sood, Geetika Gupta Syal
2020 International Journal of Reproduction Contraception Obstetrics and Gynecology  
Objective of the study was to compare the efficacy, safety, acceptability, fetomaternal outcomes of combination of mifepristone and Foley's catheter with Foley's catheter alone in induction of labor in term pregnancies with previous Lower segment caesarean section (LSCS).Methods: This was a prospective study of 36 women induced with mifepristone and foley's catheter and 36 women induced with foley's catheter alone at 37 weeks to 41+6 weeks with previous LSCS.Results: Mean bishop score on
more » ... hop score on admission in combined group (2.44) was comparable with that of foley's alone group (2.91, p=0.888). Mean Bishop score (BS) after foley's expulsion in group A and group B was 7.46 and 6.33 respectively, which was statistically significant (p<0.001). In group A 69.5% of women delivered vaginally compared to 52.2% in group B which was comparable (p=0.230). Mean induction to delivery interval was significantly short in combination group (15.5±1.3 hours versus 20.8±1.07 hours, p=0.003). 50% women in group A required oxytocin for induction/ augmentation of labour as compared to 77.8% in group B (p=0.02). Failed induction was statistically higher in group B (p<0.05). No difference was found with regards scar dehiscence, scar rupture, Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), wound infection, puerperal pyrexia, Meconium stained liquor (MSL), fetal distress, mean birth weight, 1 and 5 minutes Appearance, pulse, grimace, activity, and respiration (APGAR) score, neonatal outcome, hospital stay.Conclusions: Priming with mifepristone before insertion of foley's catheter results in significant change in BS signifying that combination promotes early cervical ripening as compared to foley's catheter alone. Mifepristone plays significant role in cervical ripening, reduces induction to delivery interval, oxytocin requirement and failed induction.
doi:10.18203/2320-1770.ijrcog20204310 fatcat:4zyehw6xlfgl7i7br7hyf74udu