Coalescence theory for a general class of structured populations with fast migration

O. Hössjer
2011 Advances in Applied Probability  
In this paper we study a general class of population genetic models where the total population is divided into a number of subpopulations or types. Migration between subpopulations is fast. Extending the results of Nordborg and Krone (2002) and Sagitov and Jagers (2005), we prove, as the total population size N tends to ∞, weak convergence of the joint ancestry of a given sample of haploid individuals in the Skorokhod topology towards Kingman's coalescent with a constant change of time scale c.
more » ... ge of time scale c. Our framework includes age-structured models, geographically structured models, and combinations thereof. We also allow each individual to have offspring in several subpopulations, with general dependency structures between the number of offspring of various types. As a byproduct, explicit expressions for the coalescent effective population size N/c are obtained.
doi:10.1239/aap/1324045697 fatcat:ysint6rpjbaqzjgenl6bw3pnp4