Az orvosi hálapénz megoldásának történelmi kulcsa

Péter Balázs
2019 Orvosi Hetilap  
Abstract: There is no nation in the developed world without dysfunctions of its health care system. The cause behind is universal since it goes back to the historic conflict of private and public financing of services. Phenomena on the surface are multi-faceted, in Hungary they are concentrated in the doctors' informal payment the original pattern of which was emerging three centuries ago. While neglecting our series of mismanagement, all our new initiatives will disable any real solution. The
more » ... orld's best health system models in Germany and the United Kingdom function without informal payment. Their substantial models compromise private and public financing. Instead of questionable ideas, Hungary needs to find its own relevant solution based on a new deal with the society but it must have a firm base of scientific evidences. Orv Hetil. 2019; 160(2): 50–56.
doi:10.1556/650.2019.31238 fatcat:xsed27luq5eobdhifahwmtdvji