Attribute np control charts using resampling systems for monitoring non-conforming items under exponentiated half logistic distribution

Ammara Tanveer, Muhammad Azam, Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Shujaat Navaz
2020 Operations Research and Decisions  
An attribute np control chart has been designed using resampling systems for monitoring non--conforming items under exponentiated half-logistic distribution. We suppose that lifetime follows exponentiated half-logistic distribution. For the proposed control charts, the optimal parameters and control limits have been obtained. The operational formulas for in-control and out of control average run lengths (ARLs) have been derived. Control constants are established by considering the target
more » ... g the target in-control ARL at a normal process. The extensive ARL tables are reported for various parameters and shifted values of process parameters. The performance of the proposed control chart is evaluated with several existing charts with regard to ARLs, which empower the presented chart and prove far better for timely detection of assignable causes. A wide range of tables, a real-life example, and simulation study for RGS and MDS are given for a better understanding of the problem.
doi:10.37190/ord200206 fatcat:5iwl7jrkavdtpjwh3mz3ncimmu