Digital Exhibition of Intangible Heritage and the Role of Museums in COVID-19 Era—Focusing on Gwangju Chilseok Gossaum Nori Video Experience Center in South Korea

Mira Han, Yumi Yi
2022 Heritage  
A major purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of digital exhibitions of intangible heritage in the COVID-19 era and to ascertain the role of museums in enhancing understanding and interest in intangible heritage. This survey was designed to determine Gwangju citizens' perception of intangible heritage and preference for visiting museums, focusing on the Gwangju Chilseok Gossaum Nori Experience Center in Korea. As a result, three perspectives were derived. First, exhibitions and
more » ... video experience centers that use digital technology were more helpful toward understanding Gwangju Chilseok Gossaum Nori than festivals. Second, the frequency of visits to local festivals or museums positively affected the frequency of visits to the Gwangju Chilseok Gossaum Nori Video Experience Center. This demonstrates that cultural heritage conservation programs have a positive effect on each other. Third, the purpose of visiting the museum varied by age. For example, parents visited museums for educational purposes, which clearly shows that the reason for visiting the museum varies according to age. These results prove that museums must not only understand visitors' needs, but they also must jointly consider ways to revitalize their exhibitions.
doi:10.3390/heritage5030140 fatcat:3fsclypyjjft7fofjun3tgncze