Evaluating Fermentation of Cacao Seed Waste (Theobroma cacao L.) in Feed Toward Consumption of Dry Matter, Crude Protein and Average Daily Gain of Local Sheep Rams

Sujono ., L. Hendraningsih, Wehandaka ., Uswatun ., B. Raharjo
2020 Agricultural Science Digest - A Research Journal  
Research on the use of fermented cacao seed skin waste (FCS) was carried out to determine dry matter, crude protein consumption and daily weight gain of local rams. Fifteen local rams aged 1.5 years with an initial body weight ranging from 14–20 kg were used for analyses. The local rams were grouped according to their initial body weight: K1 = 14–16 kg, K2 = 16–18 kg, K3 = 18–20 kg. Variables measured were dry matter and protein consumption, daily weight gain and feed conversion. The research
more » ... thod used a randomized block design. The treatments involved five levels of fermented cocoa FCS. Data analysis involved ANOVA and Duncan's test. The results demonstrated a significant effect on dry matter and crude protein consumption (P 0.01) and of daily weight gain (P 0.05) but no significant effect with respect to feed conversion (P 0.05). The highest consumption of dry matter and protein in the P1 treatment and the highest daily weight gain for local rams was obtained in the P3 treatment. Hence, it was concluded that fermented cocoa seeds can replace up to 75% of field grass for sheep feed purposes.
doi:10.18805/ag.d-170 fatcat:5pcnzjxvh5hhhngzeacdbnktq4