Clematis Davidiana

1885 Scientific American  
engineer to the Gas Company of Paris, and Bon of my-inm�triouE! master, has now for some time, by my advice, been studying the problem of lowering the tem p erature by means of the rapid evaporation of chloride of metbylene, and has establis hed that, by sufll · cienUy coolin g the injected\air, temperatures varying from -230 C. to -72 0 C. mIIy be mIIlntalned nell r,y constant for several hours • © 1885 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC proceeded with without delay-the destruction by fire being
more » ... fire being followed by drenching the stumps with petroleum (Fig. 1) . As some larvle had already been observed at the time of the first excavations, it became necessary to take measures at once against one danger-that to which the vines of the vicinity were exposed through
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