Analysis and study of vibrations in view of combustion gas forces for diesel engine

Sushant S.Bhansali Sushant S.Bhansali
2013 IOSR Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering  
The sound and vibratory behavior of the internal combustion engine is a highly complex one, consisting of many components that are subject to loads that vary greatly in magnitude and which operate at a wide range of speeds. Some origins of mechanically induced noise caused by various forces resulting from the combination of combustion and inertia forces which act on the moving parts of the engine to accelerate them across their running clearances and thus cause mechanical noise. The most of the
more » ... se. The most of the investigations are done on the mechanical noise due to motion of mechanical system i.e. piston slap. The main purpose of this work is to analyze the vibration in diesel engine VCR (Variable Compression Ratio) cylinder liner considering combustion gas forces and cylinder liner temperature using finite element software ANSYS. Also Aluminium (HF 18) material is being tested in the software for this purpose. The output results were quite satisfactory to predict the behavior of deflection under different pressures. The combustion gas forces calculated for varying compression pressures. In this paper the results are presented for displacement and frequency which indicate the amplitude of vibration. By comparing the analytical results, the validity of the proposed analysis has been confirmed. Furthermore, this analysis is applied to evaluate the vibration of HF 18 material along with increase in thickness, and revealing the closer response according to the material and vibration.
doi:10.9790/1684-634855 fatcat:rjh37vuuvzcf7ggwinpnpvamvm