Stability of elliptic tunnel by energetics

Mitsutaka SUGIMOTO, Yoshiji MATSUMOTO, Yoshinobu KANAZAWA
1990 Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshu  
This paper aims to analyze the stability of elliptic tunnel generally, to make clear the relations between stability and various physical values of ground and tunnel support. The stability of elliptic tunnel is discussed from the point of distortional strain energy by using Airy's stress function on elliptic coordinates represented by complex variable. As conclusions, it was shown that the safety index of ground around elliptic tunnel in any construction stage is composed of 6 nondimensional
more » ... tors and the factors included in the respective yield criterion. Based on the analysis of the factors, the stability and the support's effect were clarified quantitatively and the preliminary design method of elliptic tunnel was proposed. Furthermore, the results were applied to the measured data.
doi:10.2208/jscej.1990.424_197 fatcat:3mej7avfbfe7zelmswvyy76k2u