Modelling infant mortality rate in Central Java, Indonesia use generalized poisson regression method

Alan Prahutama, Sudarno
2018 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The infant mortality rate is the number of deaths under one year of age occurring among the live births in a given geographical area during a given year, per 1,000 live births occurring among the population of the given geographical area during the same year. This problem needs to be addressed because it is an important element of a country's economic development. High infant mortality rate will disrupt the stability of a country as it relates to the sustainability of the population in the
more » ... ulation in the country. One of regression model that can be used to analyze the relationship between dependent variable Y in the form of discrete data and independent variable X is Poisson regression model. Recently The regression modeling used for data with dependent variable is discrete, among others, poisson regression, negative binomial regression and generalized poisson regression. In this research, generalized poisson regression modeling gives better AIC value than poisson regression. The most significant variable is the Number of health facilities (X1), while the variable that gives the most influence to infant mortality rate is the average breastfeeding (X9).
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1025/1/012106 fatcat:5sj572hv3zci7p6bvnvmpsktvm