On Connectivity and Energy Efficiency for Sleeping-Schedule-Based Wireless Sensor Networks

Lijun Wang, Jia Yan, Tao Han, Dexiang Deng
2019 Sensors  
Based on the connectivity and energy consumption problems in wireless sensor networks, this paper proposes a kind of new network algorithm called the connectivity and energy efficiency (CEE) algorithm to guarantee the connectivity and connectivity probability, and also to reduce the network energy consumption as much as possible. Under the premise that all sensors can communicate with each other in a specific communication radius, we obtained the relationship among the connectivity, the number
more » ... f sensor nodes, and the communication radius because of the theory of probability and statistics. The innovation of the paper is to maximize the network connectivity and connectivity probability, by choosing which types of sleeping nodes to wake up. According to the node's residual energy and the relative value of distance, the algorithm reduces the energy consumption of the whole network as much as possible, and wakes up the number of neighbor nodes as little as possible, to improve the service life of the whole network. Simulation results show that this algorithm combines the connectivity and the energy efficiency, provides a useful reference value for the normal operation of the sensors networks.
doi:10.3390/s19092126 fatcat:uxad3i7habe3lcc42amjpu4ivq