Granulomatous pneumonia due to pythiosis in captive South American coatis (Nasua nasua)

Kalinne S. Bezerra, Tarcísio A. Santos, Janaina M.A. Rosa, Carolina A. Pescador, Valeria Dutra, Luciano Nakazato, David Driemeier, Edson M. Colodel
2020 Pesquisa Veterinária Brasileira  
ABSTRACT: Pythiosis is an emerging infectious disease affecting captive and free-ranging wild animals. We report granulomatous pneumonia due to Pythium insidiosum in two South American coatis (Nasua nasua), who were found dead without any clinical records. Severe granulomatous pneumonia associated with pleural effusion was revealed in the necropsy. Microscopically, variably sized granulomas and pyogranulomas presented negative hyphae profiles at the periphery of their necrotic cores. Grocott
more » ... henamine silver stain highlighted these structures, and immunostain (anti- P. insidiosum) was strongly positive. Molecular analysis by polymerase chain reaction amplified P. insidiosum specific DNA. These findings characterized P. insidiosum as a cause of granulomatous pneumonia in coatis and proved that pythiosis needs to be considered in the differential diagnosis of respiratory diseases affecting this species in endemic areas.
doi:10.1590/1678-5150-pvb-6459 fatcat:hwshcfjfyve67peiu26kapefpq