Robots That Use Language

Stefanie Tellex, Nakul Gopalan, Hadas Kress-Gazit, Cynthia Matuszek
2020 Annual Review of Control Robotics and Autonomous Systems  
This article surveys the use of natural language in robotics from a robotics point of view. To use human language, robots must map words to aspects of the physical world, mediated by the robot's sensors and actuators. This problem differs from other natural language processing domains due to the need to ground the language to noisy percepts and physical actions. Here, we describe central aspects of language use by robots, including understanding natural language requests, using language to
more » ... learning about the physical world, and engaging in collaborative dialogue with a human partner. We describe common approaches, roughly divided into learning methods, logic-based methods, and methods that focus on questions of human–robot interaction. Finally, we describe several application domains for language-using robots. Expected final online publication date for the Annual Review of Control, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems, Volume 3 is May 3, 2020. Please see for revised estimates.
doi:10.1146/annurev-control-101119-071628 fatcat:gljaeee7pvhb3ohuur3agdvvyq