Nuclear magnetic resonance in a diamond anvil cell at very high pressures

Michael G. Pravica, Isaac F. Silvera
1998 Review of Scientific Instruments  
We describe a novel design to study the nuclear magnetic resonance ͑NMR͒ properties of materials at high pressure in a diamond anvil cell. A split gasket is used to pressurize the sample and a single turn coil couples the rf field with the sample. Due to the large filling factor, this method has a significantly increased sensitivity compared to previously used techniques and should allow NMR study of materials in a diamond anvil cell into the megabar region. We demonstrate the system with a
more » ... e system with a measurement of the spin-lattice relaxation (T 1 ) of cyclohexane as a function of pressure at 79 K up to 9.7 GPa. We have also pressurized a sample of hydrogen to 26 GPa.
doi:10.1063/1.1148686 fatcat:v5gtjpbelvd4vh4nbworbnwwgi