The Effect of Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Song Among Elementary School Children:Pilot Study

Tetti Solehati, Yanti Hermayanti, Cecep Eli Kosasih, Henny Suzana Mediani
2021 Jurnal Aisyah Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan  
Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) becomes a problem in the world that is quite large and has adverse effects, both short and long term. The prevalence continues to increase every year. Generally, elementary school-age likes to sing a song. Meanwhile, school-age is the time to study. A song is expected to increase knowledge of skills in preventing sexual violence. The objective of this study to assess the effect of education through songs on the level of skill knowledge about preventing CSA in school-age
more » ... children. The type of research was quasiexperiment with one group pre and post-test design. The sample size used a total sampling that all students became the sample. The study involved 323 students in grades 4-6 at SDN Dayeuhkolot, Bandung Regency. The treatment was an education on prevention of the CSA on school-age children, it was given using the jargon "TANGKIS" with the method of giving songs through a video about the prevention of sexual violence against children. The instrument was adopted from the Aprilaz design ( 2016 ) which was modified by Suhenda (2019). Data analysis using univariate analysis with frequency and percentage distribution, and bivariate analysis using t-test. The study showed that 289 students (89.5%) were able to have good knowledge about the prevention of CSA before the intervention and after the intervention increased to 319 (98.8%) (p= 0.001). Education through songs influences students' knowledge regarding the prevention of CSA. Suggestion: this research is to be able to make education programs to prevent CSA of school-age children regularly and explore other educational methods that can effectively influence the improvement of knowledge, attitudes, and skills in protecting themselves from the threat of CSA.
doi:10.30604/jika.v6i2.473 fatcat:vefozbwsibeetk76npkztayrfe