Vrouwenarbeid in de Zeeuwse landbouw in de achttiende eeuw

Piet Van Cruyningen
2005 Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geschiedenis  
Female labour in agriculture in Zeeland in the eighteenth century Agriculture in the province of Zeeland was dominated by large commercial cereal farms. Farmer's wives were not only responsible for the household but also for the relatively small dairy branch and for the garden and orchard. They had the disposal of the income from these activities, which gave them a relatively independent position within the farming enterprise. They successfully defended this position when attempts were made to
more » ... empts were made to remove dairying from the farm to the factory. The wives of the numerous labourers were also employed on the farm, but only as seasonal workers. Consequently, their economic position was very weak, and during the winter season especially they had to make ends meet by spinning, cleaning or washing.
doi:10.18352/tseg.761 fatcat:ihoytpkceng7zilaokm7yvulbu