Biochemical responses of basil to aluminium and cadmium stresses

Selma Đogić, Naida Džubur, Erna Karalija, Adisa Parić
2017 Acta Agriculturae Serbica  
The effect of aluminium and cadmium on growth and physiological parameters in 60 days old basil seedlings (Ocimum basilicum L.) grown in polluted soil were investigated. Control plants, grown in unpolluted soil, were used for evaluation of the heavy metal effect. Growth parameters were analysed immediately after sample collection, leaf area and plant height were recorded. Analysis of secondary metabolite, proline, total carbohydrates content and antioxidant capacity in 60 days old seedlings was
more » ... s old seedlings was performed. The antioxidant activity of basil extracts was determined by the DPPH method, and results showed an increase of antioxidative capacity in basil seedlings exposed to heavy metal stress due to the activation of antioxidative system in plant cells. Maximum production of secondary metabolites was recorded for seedlings exposed to 100 mg/kg soil Cd and Al. Results showed that cadmium stress increased concentration of proline, while aluminium did not had that effect. The content of total carbohydrates remained almost unchanged, with exception of basil seedlings grown on soil containing 50mg/kg AlCl 3 .
doi:10.5937/aaser1743057d fatcat:ofvg6gcyiffv3lomsb32uwv3ja