Supplementation of Antioxidants Prevents Oxidative Stress during A Deep Saturation Dive

Makoto Ikeda, Kazuhiko Nakabayashi, Masaharu Shinkai, Yukihiko Hara, Takako Kizaki, Shuji Oh-ishi, Hideki Ohno
2004 Tohoku journal of experimental medicine  
Conflicting views exist at the present regarding the influences of a deep saturation dive on liver function in divers. Therefore, we first reevaluated whether a deep saturation dive (400 msw) induces a hepatic disturbance. As the result, plasma activities of both transaminases (aspartate aminotransferase [AST] and alanine aminotransferase [ALT]) increased significantly, whereas cholinesterase (Ch-E) activity decreased markedly, being highly suggestive of liver dysfunction. Assuming that the
more » ... r dysfunction was attributable to oxidative stress, we next examined the effects of supplementation of antioxidants (600 mg of vitamin C, 150 mg of α -tocopherol, and 600 mg of tea catechins per day) on liver function in saturation divers. As was anticipated, the antioxidants taken appeared to prevent a hepatic disturbance, indicating that a deep saturation dive provokes liver dysfunction probably due to oxidative stress. Thus, we recommend that saturation divers should take supplements of antioxidants. saturation dive; hyperbaric hyperoxia; liver function; oxidative stress; antioxidants
doi:10.1620/tjem.203.353 pmid:15297742 fatcat:jarmswuiefct5kqcnvp6eqztcy