Ecological management of a school forest as a field for environmental education

2004 Tohoku Shinrin Kagakkaishi  
Mitsuhiro HAYAsHIDA , Minako SHIGA , Mieko MARuYAMA :Ecologica 亘management of a school forest as a field for environmental education . Tohoku J. For . Sci , 9:21 -29, 2004 We exam − ined fbrest management of school forests from aspects of both fdrest ecology and elementary school education . In this project, we taught to sixth − grade pupils and managed the Maruyama School Forest ( 2. 6ha)of Nishigo Elementary School in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture , with ecological methods for a year .
more » ... om the empirical results , we suggest that the following fbur principles are important for enhancing school forests for more efficient environmental education , First , we set the goal of raising the biological diversity of the school forest at the species and community levels fbr various learning programs . Second, we accumulated as much available information on nature in the school fbrest as possible for various learning programs , Third, we constructed adequate trails in order to ensure safe pupil activities and reduce the disturbance of the forest fioor by trampling , Fourth , we planned some learning programs that enabled the pupils to participate in managing the school forest . To implement these plans , it is necessary for the teachers and the experts on f6restry that support them to cooperate more closely in planning the fbrest management and developing the learning programs . 1) 山 形 大 学 農 学 部 2) 鶴 岡 市立 西 郷 小 学 校 1)Faculty of Agriculture , Yamagata University , Tsuruoka, Yamagata 997 − 8555 2〕 Nishigo Elementary School , Tsuruoka , Yamagata 997 −1117 N 工工 一 Eleotronio Library
doi:10.18982/tjfs.9.1_21 fatcat:e7xq4nzbkjgr7iqy3z4c434744