Design And Development Of Cascade Refrigeration System

Ashutosh Mate, Prayag Panhale, Vandana Shinde, Pritesh Mane, C Prabhune
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
This paper deals with the study of cascade refrigeration system. Cascade refrigeration system is the combination of two refrigeration cycle for maximum refrigeration effect can be obtained. In this system series of single stage vapor compression system are thermally coupled with the evaporator of HTC and condenser of LTC, this combination is known as cascade. This system is developed to achieve temperature up to-20°C for the applications like cold storage in malls and stores and in blood banks.
more » ... The working fluid in system are R22 (LTC) and R134a(HTC), these particular refrigerant s are used due there suitable difference in boiling point for the desirable outcome from the system. These fluids are harmless to environment and GWP and ODP is negligible and do not violate the kyoto protocol. COP , work done , Refrigeration effect are the parameters studied from the system Key Words: Cascade refrigeration system, low temperature circuit (LTC), high temperature circuit(HTC), coefficient of performance (COP), global warming potential (GWP), ozone depletion potential (ODP).