A Review of the Current State of Mask Art in Sri Lanka

Gokularamanan V
2022 International Research Journal of Tamil  
Sri Lanka is a country with many artistic aspects. There are many other forms of art, like painting, dance, drama, palm leaf art, mask art, etc. Mask art has been regarded as a traditional art form by people from ancient times to the present. The arts generally bring joy and freshness to the mind. They are energetic. It is important to note that the art form is found in many places. Masks are found in two forms, i.e., art and craft. Art forms have new forms and crafts are the art of recreating
more » ... he new forms created by the craft without changing the form. In addition, they are passionately involved in mask making as a profession and an art. More mask artists are found in the Ambalangoda area. In Ambalangoda, masks are found as an additional commodity for sale in the shops found on roadsides. It has been used by people in a variety of cases until now. The mask is also made by the artists as a decorative object. Many different forms are also created in the form of calmness, fear, and humor. They are also created to suit the needs of their people and are found with a variety of artistic features. The trees that belong to the mask art are selected and carved with the tools required for the engraving. They are also painted in an eye-catching way to look at. Certain types of paint are used. The use of colour plays an important role in mask art. Apart from color, it is a form of art that includes not only colour but also quantitative dimensions, organization, three-dimensionality, two-dimensionality, perfectionism, aesthetics, etc. The mask is created by the artists based on the above-mentioned details. This art form is found not only in Sri Lanka but also in many other countries. It is found in many places, like the State of Kerala, West Bengal, and India. It is also found in Indonesia. Mask art is also found in museums as an exhibit.
doi:10.34256/irjt22s859 fatcat:6nuw26btrnb55ls22av54rqlbu