The Bones of the Leg Considered as One Apparatus

1887 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Now that we have studied the tibia and fibula in the usual way you are no doubt prepared to admit that the fibula is a most difficult and confusing bone. Indeed, I consider it the hardest in the body, but I wish to show you that the trouble comes from studying it alone instead of in its natural connections. In works on anatomy you find after the description of the bones of the spine, the skull, the thorax and the pelvis respectively, chapters on the spine, the skull etc., as a whole, but this
more » ... ew of the tibia and fibula is not given. I invite your attention, therefore, to a chapter which anatomists have apparently forgotten to write. You will find, I hope, that your ideas of the bones of the leg will be simplified, and that the fibula in particular will have lost half its terrors.
doi:10.1056/nejm188712221172501 fatcat:m74htilhtjaitdmn37bluyc36m