Design and analysis of cam operated vibro sifter

C Manivelprabhu, Stenin Varghese, Shijo Baby, Roney Abey Thomas
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
Vibro sifter is a device which is used to separate the various grade powders into different stage level in food processing industries. It is worked by unbalanced mass, their processing time and overall cost is high. This project is overcoming above problems by developing new mechanism. This mechanism has been done by structural analytical solution. The design modification of this device is known as cam operated vibro sifter. By using cam, the reciprocation movement is given to the wire mesh
more » ... o the wire mesh frame and separation process is carried out. In cam operated vibro sifter of wire mesh moves similar to the traditional separation method. This project indicates that to compare between processing time and overall cost of the two mechanisms.