Mechanical Properties Of Laser Welded Dual-Phase Steel Joints [post]

Naheen Farabi
2021 unpublished
The application of dual phase (DP) steels in the automobile industry unavoidably involves welding operation. The objective of this thesis was to study the microstructure and mechanical properties of laser welded DP steel joints. The laser welding resulted in a significant hardness increase in the FZ but the formation of a soft zone in the heat affected zone (HAZ). While the soft zone influenced the tensile properties of the joints considerably, the fatigue properties of the welds showed
more » ... ce on both the softening and the applied stress amplitudes. Fatigue crack was observed to initiate from the specimen surface and crack propagation was basically characterized by striation-like features. Post-weld heat treatment was found to eradicate the negative effect of the soft zone and improve the mechanical properties of welds. However, the heat treatment resulted in a brittle fracture mode from the dominating ductile mode of fracture of the welded joints.
doi:10.32920/ryerson.14652981.v1 fatcat:ui6rg5ikargrpfej3e23odhv4e