Reports on Special Departments of Chemical Science

A. Bourgougnon
1879 Journal of the American Chemical Society  
Note by -40 LIEBEN (Comptes Rendus, N o 6, August 11, 1879.) Translated bv A BovncoocNoN. Messrs. Victor and Carl Meyer, in followiiig up the very important rebearches of Victor Meyer, on the densities of vapors, have recently (Berl. Ber ., 1879, p. 1,426) attained a result of extraordinary importance. They have found that a t temperatures ranging from 1,240' t o 1,56io C., the density of chlorine (air being unity) is not 2.45, as is the case froin 0' to about 600' C., but only 1-63. Their
doi:10.1021/ja02150a007 fatcat:5ixuyk35qrdmtl2r2pblogadtm