Laser Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 1986 [book]

HE Bennett, AH Guenther, D Milam, BE Newnam
The interested reader is referred to the bibliography at the end of the summary article for general references to the literature of laser damage studies. The 10th Annual Symposium on this topfc will be held in Boulder , Colorado , from September 12 to 1.., 1978. It is anticipated that there will be more extensive foreign participation than in previous years. Also , a concerted effort has been made to ensure closer liaison between the practitioners of hig h peak power and the high average power
more » ... om m un ity. The principal topics to be considered as contributed papers in 1978 do not differ drastically from those enumerated above. We expect to hear more about improved scaling relations as a function of pulse duration , area , and wavelength , and see a continuing transfer of information from research activities to industrial practice. New sources at shorter wavelengths continue to be developed , and a corresponding shift in emphasis to short wavelength damage problem s is anticipated. Fabrication and test procedures will continue to advance , particularly in the micro-machined optics and thin film areas. At the 10th Annual Symposium we expect to pause and reflect upon the past 10 years ' activities. It is our intent to have distinguished speakers who are acknowledged principal contributors in the many facets of the laser damage field. We will ask them to summarize and quantif y as best as possible the state-of-the-art and the state-of-the-understanding in their specialty. These review or tutorial lectures will then be arsembled and published as a separate volume on the subject of laser induced damage in optical materials. We are also contemplating having ro ~jnd-table discussions on those specific subjects in which there is still some question as to the correctness of our underatanding. The purpose of these Symposia is to exchange information about optical materials for high power lasers. The Editors will welcome comment and criticism from all interested readers relevant to this purpose , and particularly relative to our plans for the 10th Annual Symposium .
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