Igor Burdonov, Nina Yevtushenko, Alexander Kossatchev, Natalia Kushik
2017 System Informatics  
The paper is devoted to studying the ('gedanken') experiments with input/output automata. We propose how to derive proper input sequences for identifying the final (current) state of the machine under experiment, namely synchronizing and homing sequences. The machine is noninitialized and its alphabet of actions is divided into disjoint sets of inputs and outputs. In this paper, we consider a specific class of such machines for which at each state the transitions only under inputs or under
more » ... ts are defined, and the machine transition diagram does not contain cycles labeled by outputs, i.e. the language of the machine does not contain traces with infinite postfix of outputs. Moreover, for each state where the transitions under inputs are defined, the machine has a loop under a special quiescence output. For such class of input/output automata, we define the preset synchronizing and homing experiments, establish necessary and sufficient conditions for their existence and propose techniques for their derivation. The procedures for deriving the corresponding ('gedanken') experiments for input/output automata are based on the well-studied solutions to these problems for Finite State Machines.
doi:10.31144/si.2307-6410.2017.n10.p1-10 fatcat:3xivfxaxwzhaxea3h2me4fitzm