NAS-Unet: Neural Architecture Search for Medical Image Segmentation

Yu Weng, Tianbao Zhou, Yuejie Li, Xiaoyu Qiu
2019 IEEE Access  
Neural architecture search (NAS) has significant progress in improving the accuracy of image classification. Recently, some works attempt to extend NAS to image segmentation which shows preliminary feasibility. However, all of them focus on searching architecture for semantic segmentation in natural scenes. In this paper, we design three types of primitive operation set on search space to automatically find two cell architecture DownSC and UpSC for semantic image segmentation especially medical
more » ... image segmentation. Inspired by the U-net architecture and its variants successfully applied to various medical image segmentation, we propose NAS-Unet which is stacked by the same number of DownSC and UpSC on a U-like backbone network. The architectures of DownSC and UpSC updated simultaneously by a differential architecture strategy during the search stage. We demonstrate the good segmentation results of the proposed method on Promise12, Chaos, and ultrasound nerve datasets, which collected by magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, and ultrasound, respectively. Without any pretraining, our architecture searched on PASCAL VOC2012, attains better performances and much fewer parameters (about 0.8M) than U-net and one of its variants when evaluated on the above three types of medical image datasets. INDEX TERMS Medical image segmentation, convolutional neural architecture search, deep learning.
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2908991 fatcat:cw5knncj3fecxhbyeatplyj4ry