Improvement of antioxidant properties of egg white protein enzymatic hydrolysates by membrane ultrafiltration

Jelena Jovanovic, Andrea Stefanovic, Milena Zuza, Sonja Jakovetic, Natasa Sekuljica, Branko Bugarski, Zorica Knezevic-Jugovic
2016 Hemijska Industrija  
The production of bioactive peptides from egg white proteins (EWPs) and their separation are emerging areas with many new applications. The objective of this study was to compare antioxidant activity of three distinct EWP hydrolysates and their peptide fractions prepared by membrane ultrafiltration using membranes with 30, 10 and 1 kDa molecular weight cut-off. The hydrolysates were obtained by thermal and ultrasound pretreated EWPs hydrolyzed with a bacterial protease, Alcalase. It appeared
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doi:10.2298/hemind150506047j fatcat:qwljf3pztnazbbwe5poz6p6x6m