Milda Lamakinaitė, Daiva Labanauskaitė, Edita Baranskaitė
2015 Regional Formation and Development Studies  
The image formation and support, reputation-building and active marketing are vital for the existence of the nowadays modern country and its development. Today the country's nature, history, people and traditions became the exclusive brands that strengthens the economy and cross-border relations, a competitive advantage is obtained. There are many image definitions and classifications, each author analyses it from own perspective. It was found that individual elements make a big influence for a
more » ... general country's image. In order to use it effectively systemic attitude is required. Country's image in the international tourism market is explained by tourist behavioural characteristics: how a person behaves in respect of country, how he or she perceives the country -as a neighbour or distant, closed or open, acceptable or unacceptable, how much the person trusts the provided information, if he or she is ready to travel to the country. Personal characteristics has an influence for perceived location's image. Despite Lithuania's efforts to make the image better abroad and inside the country, it's rank on the international agencies surveys, evaluating country's political and economic situation in the world context and how famous it is, remains low. There are no innovative strategy for building Lithuania's image. During the 2006-2015 period, there were no core changes in associations, created for foreigners by the word "Lithuania". The research found that foreigners imagine Lithuania as underdeveloped, neglected agriculture country, people are closed, not willing to communicate -the same as was imagined in 2006. Lithuania's touristic image was better after the visit. More facts about Lithuania was known by tourists from neighbouring countries. During the 9 years Lithuania's touristic image has not changed.
doi:10.15181/rfds.v16i3.1123 fatcat:6u5qhly7fjf2jg5tu54dz5dr5y