Transition Path Times for Nucleic Acid Folding Determined from Energy-Landscape Analysis of Single-Molecule Trajectories

Krishna Neupane, Dustin B. Ritchie, Hao Yu, Daniel A. N. Foster, Feng Wang, Michael T. Woodside
2012 Physical Review Letters  
The duration of structural transitions in biopolymers is only a fraction of the time spent searching diffusively over the configurational energy landscape. We found the transition time, TP , and the diffusion constant, D, for DNA and RNA folding using energy landscapes obtained from single-molecule trajectories under tension in optical traps. DNA hairpins, RNA pseudoknots, and a riboswitch all had TP $ 10 s and D $ 10 À13-14 m 2 =s, despite widely differing unfolding rates. These results show
more » ... w energy-landscape analysis can be harnessed to characterize brief but critical events during folding reactions.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.109.068102 pmid:23006308 fatcat:ggmj7442m5h2jfn2p7ds3okbuy