Soft x-ray microscopy with single-digit nanometer resolution

Benedikt Rösner, Simone Finizio, Frieder Koch, Florian Döring, Vitaliy Guzenko, Manuel Langer, Eugenie Kirk, Benjamin Watts, Markus Meyer, Joshua Lorona Ornelas, Andreas spaeth, Stefan Stanescu (+10 others)
2020 Optica  
The availability of intense soft x-ray beams with tunable energy and polarization has pushed the development of highly sensitive, element-specific, and noninvasive microscopy techniques to investigate condensed matter with high spatial and temporal resolution. The short wavelengths of soft x-rays promise to reach spatial resolutions in the deep single-digit nanometer regime, providing unprecedented access to magnetic phenomena at fundamental length scales. Despite considerable efforts in soft
more » ... ray microscopy techniques, a two-dimensional resolution of 10 nm has not yet been surpassed in direct imaging. Here, we report on a significant step beyond this long-standing limit by combining newly developed soft x-ray Fresnel zone plate lenses with advanced precision in scanning control and careful optical design. With this approach, we achieve an image resolution of 7 nm. By combining this highly precise microscopy technique with the x-ray magnetic circular dichroism effect, we reveal dimensionality effects in an ensemble of interacting magnetic nanoparticles. Such effects are topical in current nanomagnetism research and highlight the opportunities of highresolution soft x-ray microscopy in magnetism research and beyond.
doi:10.1364/optica.399885 fatcat:crik2ftwtzeqtioyi5nf22ra2q