A Fast New Cryptographic Hash Function Based on Integer Tent Mapping System

Jiandong Liu, Xiahui Wang, Kai Yang, Chen Zhao
2012 Journal of Computers  
This paper proposes a novel one-way Hash function which is based on the Coupled Integer Tent Mapping System and termed as THA (THA-160, THA-256). The THA-160 compresses a message of arbitrary length into a fingerprint of 160 bits, well the THA-256 compresses a message of arbitrary length into a fingerprint of 256 bits. The algorithm adopts a piecewise message expansion scheme. Compared with SHA-1 and SHA-256 message expansion, the message expansion scheme has enhanced the degree of nonlinear
more » ... fusion of the message expansion, and thus increased the computation efficiency. In addition, as the major nonlinear component of compression function, the traditional logic functions are replaced by the integer tent map, and so the scheme has ideal properties of diffusion and confusion. Furthermore, the parallel iteration structure is adopted in the compression functions, which is advantageous to high speed parallel operation of software and hardware. Preliminary security testing indicates that, this Hash function has a high degree of security, and it can be realized easily with great rapidity. Therefore, it is an ideal substitution for conventional Hash function.
doi:10.4304/jcp.7.7.1671-1680 fatcat:jm5m3u7nxnhejmzzxjs2lbfxxe