Influence of torrefaction pretreatment on biomass gasification technology

Qing Chen, JinSong Zhou, BingJun Liu, QinFeng Mei, ZhongYang Luo
2011 Chinese Science Bulletin  
Torrefaction is a slow pyrolysis process that is carried out in the relatively low temperature range of 220-300°C. The influence of torrefaction as a pretreatment on biomass gasification technology was investigated using a bench-scale torrefaction unit, a bench-scale laminar entrained-flow gasifier, and the analysis techniques TGA-FTIR and low temperature nitrogen adsorption. A series of experiments were performed to examine the characteristics of the torrefaction process, the properties of
more » ... e properties of torrefaction products, and the effects of torrefaction on gas composition, cold gas efficiency and gasification efficiency. The results showed that during the torrefaction process the moisture content of biomass were reduced, and the wood fiber structure of the material was destroyed. This was beneficial to storage, transport and subsequent treatments of biomass in large scale. For solid products, torrefaction increased the energy density, decreased the oxygen/carbon ratio, and created a more complex pore structure. These improved the syngas quality and cold gas efficiency. Combustible gases accounted for about 50% of non-condensable gaseous torrefaction products. Effective use of the torrefaction gases can save energy and improve efficiency. Overall, biomass torrefaction technology has good application prospects in gasification processes.
doi:10.1007/s11434-010-4292-z fatcat:p6fhsjbbaraohfd7mjhx2t37ce