Alin Cristian / Narrative as Motivator in Foreign Language Acquisition Narrative as Motivator in Foreign Language Acquisition

Meta: Research In Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, And Practical, Vol
2017 unpublished
This paper argues that, by allowing recognizable patterns of human action to emerge through the intimidating foreignness of a linguistic medium, narrative deserves a privileged place in language education. To overcome the inhibiting effect of strangeness, and thus facilitate the adoption of a foreign language by new users, it helps if the listeners embark upon a regression toward the narrative origins of their familiarity with the world as articulated in their mother tongue. Harking back to the
more » ... early childhood comfort of being held conjointly by a story-telling nurse and a linguistic substitute of the amniotic liquid, narrative acts as indispensable companion of our estrangement in general-linguistic, or otherwise. The argument brings into play the Greek notion of paideia, in which disciplined training and childish amusement converge, in an effort to accommodate the conclusion that the intellectual version of self-growth-including acquisition of foreign languages-benefits massively from the good old nurturing of narrative, its time-revered nurse.