Conducted EMI issues in a boost PFC design

L. Rossetto, S. Buso, G. Spiazzi
INTELEC - Twentieth International Telecommunications Energy Conference (Cat. No.98CH36263)  
The paper presents the results of an experimental activity concerned with the development of a 600W Boost Power Factor Corrector (PFC) complying with the EMC standards for conducted EMI in the 150kHz-30MHz range. In order to accomplish this task, different circuit design and layout solutions are taken into account and their effect on the conducted EMI behavior of the converter is experimentally evaluated. Common-mode and differential-mode switching noise, together with input filters' design and
more » ... topology and with the PCB layout (in terms of track length and spacing, ground and shielding planes etc.) are the key aspects which have been analyzed. In particular, the paper reports the conducted EMI measurements for different filter capacitor placements and values, for different power switch drive circuits together with several other provisions which have turned out to be decisive in the reduction of the generated EMI.
doi:10.1109/intlec.1998.793497 fatcat:mkoli5b2wrajtiqpmbqyq4c5o4