Assessment of natural radioactivity levels for Karadağ Mountain, Turkey

M Korkmaz, O Agar, E Uzun, Osman Agar
2017 International Journal of Radiation Research   unpublished
Background:The natural radioacvity levels in soil samples of Karadağ Mountain in central Anatolia region have been determined. Materials and Methods: Analyses on the collected samples were performed to determine gross alpha and beta radioacvity concentraons by using a gas-flow proporonal counter and the concentraons of 238 U, 232 Th and 40 K by using a NaI(Tl) scinllaon detector. Results: The esmated acvies of gross alpha and beta ranged between 305.155±46.830 and 1305.437±77.23,
more » ... ±22.658 and 1177.373±30.908, respecvely. The mean acvity values of U, Th and K radionuclides were found to be 71.6, 83.9 and 451.1, respecvely. Also, known radiaon health hazard indices were calculated using radioacvity concentraons of soil samples. Conclusion: The present results have been compared with the obtained values from other regions in Turkey and the internaonally reported values as well as the reference values. The soil samples in the studied area are safe and can be used as a construcon material without posing any significant radiological threat to public. This invesgaon reveals a baseline of levels of natural radioacvity in Karadağ Mountain, Turkey.