A fast and flexible MRI system for the study of dynamic vocal tract shaping

Sajan Goud Lingala, Yinghua Zhu, Yoon-Chul Kim, Asterios Toutios, Shrikanth Narayanan, Krishna S. Nayak
2016 Magnetic Resonance in Medicine  
Purpose: The aim of this work was to develop and evaluate an MRI-based system for study of dynamic vocal tract shaping during speech production, which provides high spatial and temporal resolution. Methods: The proposed system utilizes (a) custom eightchannel upper airway coils that have high sensitivity to upper airway regions of interest, (b) two-dimensional golden angle spiral gradient echo acquisition, (c) on-the-fly view-sharing reconstruction, and (d) off-line temporal finite difference
more » ... nstrained reconstruction. The system also provides simultaneous noise-cancelled and temporally aligned audio. The system is evaluated in 3 healthy volunteers, and 1 tongue cancer patient, with a broad range of speech tasks. Results: We report spatiotemporal resolutions of 2.4 Â 2.4 mm 2 every 12 ms for single-slice imaging, and 2.4 Â 2.4 mm 2 every 36 ms for three-slice imaging, which reflects roughly 7-fold acceleration over Nyquist sampling. This system demonstrates improved temporal fidelity in capturing rapid vocal tract shaping for tasks, such as producing consonant clusters in speech, and beat-boxing sounds. Novel acoustic-articulatory analysis was also demonstrated. Conclusion: A synergistic combination of custom coils, spiral acquisitions, and constrained reconstruction enables visualization of rapid speech with high spatiotemporal resolution in multiple planes. Magn Reson Med 000:000-000, 2016. V C 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
doi:10.1002/mrm.26090 pmid:26778178 pmcid:PMC4947574 fatcat:kpyz3to3i5ep3jnbrnap6nowdq