Research progress of monitoring technology of ship-source air pollutants in china emission control area

Mao Tianyu, Li Yajuan, Chang Fang, X. Liu, M. Nawaz, J. Sun
2020 E3S Web of Conferences  
I After the implementation of ship emissions control area, the urgent need for the practical monitoring technology. This paper comprehensively studies the international and domestic cases of ship emission control monitoring: The following methods are used: direct collection of fuel oil samples for analysis, collection of ship exhaust samples and analysis, remote sensing observation of ship exhaust and analysis, as well as the use of fixed-point monitoring station system to monitor air quality.
more » ... nitor air quality. X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy is used to analyze the fuel sulfur content directly, and the carbon balance method can be used to calculate the fuel oil content,. The fixed position monitoring system is a comprehensive monitoring method, which can effectively observe the influence of the emission of the ship exhaust on air quality, and evaluate the effect of the control area. Afterwards, the application should also be concerned about the effects of various methods of comparison, alternative measures and focus on the effect of tail gas treatment facilities assessment, enhanced port area environmental monitoring networks.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202020602006 fatcat:ml57euct6fhnlgiyy6kczeu55y