Stress and Coping Strategies on Married Christian Students

Yunita Sumakul, Shanti Ruata, Melissa Waturandang, Aljuanika Ering, Mariana Lausan, Mercy Waney
2020 Proceedings of the First International Conference on Christian and Inter Religious Studies, ICCIRS 2019, December 11-14 2019, Manado, Indonesia   unpublished
Stress is usually happened in human life and each person responds to it in different ways. This study aimed to describe the factors causing stress, the physical and psychological conditions, and the coping strategies of married Christian students in overcoming the stress. This study applied descriptive qualitative approach. The participants of this study were the four students of Pastoral Counseling study program at Institut Agama Kristen Negeri Manado. Data were collected through observation
more » ... rough observation and interview with the participants, friends, lecturers, and family. The result showed that: the factors causing stress were the double role, economic issues, interpersonal problems, and the lack of assertiveness; the physical and psychological conditions of each subject in stress were different, such as, headache, dizziness, stomach ulcer, insomnia, fever, concentration difficulty, and irritability; each subject used different coping strategies in overcoming stress. The coping strategies used for stress are accepting responsibility, problem solving, self-control, praying, and listening to religious songs.
doi:10.4108/eai.11-12-2019.2302099 fatcat:wym4hsqjwvatvk4ylimikg7cbq