E. G. Nikitina, O. V. Cheremisina, V. A. Bychkov, D. E. Kulbakin, E. L. Choinzonov, V. N. Stegniy, N. V. Litviakov
2016 Sibirskij Onkologičeskij Žurnal  
MicroRNA are nonprotein-coding small ribonucleic acids controlling gene expression at post-transcriptional level. MicroRNA technically could controll 2/3 of human genome. At the present study abnormal expression of microRNA-18а, -21, -155, -200а, -200с, -205, -221, -494 in malignant tissue of squamous cell larynx carcinoma of 46 patients were studied. There was no statistically significant correlation between microRNA expression and pathological characteristics. Our data showed that oncogenic
more » ... croRNA-21, -155, -205 were overexpressed as well as oncosypression microRNA-200a were underexpressed in larynx cancer compared to adjacent normal epithelium.
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