Studies on feasibility of sett planting through single eye bud technique for rapid multiplication of existing and new varieties in Saraswati sugar mills command area, Haryana, India

S. K. Sachdeva, D. P. Singh, P. C. Joshi, Rishav Bhatia
2021 Journal of Sugarcane Research  
The conventional system of sugarcane (Saccharum sp.) planting is inefficient for rapidly multiplying the seed cane of newly released varieties due to a higher seed rate (7.5-8.0 t ha -1 ) and low germination rate (40-50%). The present study was conducted at 8 sites in Saraswati Sugar Mill zone area of Haryana, India area during planting season 2017-18 and its subsequent ratoon 2018-19. The effect of planting methods on the multiplication rate of seed cane, yield potential and economics of
more » ... ane was calculated. Forty day old plantlets grown in polythene bags/trays/seedbed nursery using 19000 single-bud cane setts per ha area were transplanted at row to row and plant to plant distance of 120 x 45 cm. The results were compared with those obtained by the conventional practice of planting the three and two budded cane setts at the rate of 33600 and 50250 setts per ha, respectively. It was found that seedlings raised through bed nursery method recorded 46.39% higher cane yield (102.50 t ha -1 ) than farmers' practice of conventional 3-budded method. The same also produced higher millable cane/ha (97620). The improved practices also recorded the higher gross return of Rs. 3, 48,500 ha -1 , B:C ratio (2.17) with additional net return of Rs.1,30,215 ha -1 over local check of conventional three eye budded method which can effectively be replaced in the existing farming situation for higher productivity. The results further indicated that the rate of seed cane multiplication was about 51.37 times by the bed nursery method and 7.99 times by the conventional planting method. The results of study showed that farmers could increase the sugarcane productivity significantly by switching over to improved technology.
doi:10.37580/jsr.2021.1.11.91-98 fatcat:anwzkf7wi5emtezjrirsqsdnfi