Profinite congruences and unary algebras [article]

J. Almeida, O. Klíma
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Profinite congruences on profinite algebras determining profinite quotients are difficult to describe. In particular, no constructive description is known of the least profinite congruence containing a given binary relation on the algebra. On the other hand, closed congruences and fully invariant congruences can be described constructively. In a previous paper, we conjectured that fully invariant closed congruences on a relatively free profinite algebra are always profinite. Here, we show that
more » ... ur conjecture fails for unary algebras and that closed congruences on relatively free profinite semigroups are not necessarily profinite. As part of our study of unary algebras, we establish an adjunction between profinite unary algebras and profinite monoids. We also show that the Polish representation of the free profinite unary algebra is faithful.
arXiv:2003.00509v1 fatcat:i45xo74qjberxbpms5y25ap3au