Molecular Mechanisms of Tau Protein Aggregation Inhibition [thesis]

Akoury Elias
I would like to express my deepest appreciation and full respect to my supervisor Prof. Dr. Markus Zweckstetter for his priceless support, infinite patience, and endless motivation in conducting scientific research. The great enthusiasm and full effort he invested in guiding and advising lead to achievements in publishing the manuscripts and writing the thesis. I am deeply grateful to Prof. Dr. Christian Griesinger for stimulating discussions, positive feedbacks and professional research
more » ... ment at the department of NMR-based Structural Biology. I owe huge debt of gratitude to the PhD thesis committee members Prof. Dr. Marina Bennati and Prof. Dr. Tiago Fleming Outeiro for their tremendous support and insightful guidance. Special thanks go to Prof.
doi:10.53846/goediss-4145 fatcat:m4cginyzhfh4rpzubrruqpc2ja